Saturday, May 27, 2017

10 Things In Mind While Eating Curd Or Yogurt

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Several rules have been given regarding the use of yogurt in Ayurveda.

10 Things In Mind While Eating Curd Or Yogurt

1.    According to ayurveda, do not eat yogurt at night. It might increase cold-cough and fever problem.

2.    Do not sleep after having yogurt in a day. It might create digestion problem. It also increases fat.

3.    Do not eat old or stale yogurt. It might increase acidity, food poisoning and stomach problem.

4.    Do not intake yogurt with non-veg. One might face allergy, skin problem or stomach problem.

5.    Do not heat yogurt. The good bacteria of yogurt might decreases.

6.    Do not intake yogurt with milk. It might create stomach problem, indigestion and lose motion.

7.    Do not intake yogurt in cold, fever and cough problem. It might increase this problem.

8.    Asthma and breathing disorder patient should consult doctor before having yogurt. Yogurt is cold. This might increase breathing problem.

9.    Avoid having yogurt in joint pain, skin or any other allergy. The consumption of yogurt increases this problem.

10.    Always mix jaggery, sugar, salt or cumin in yogurt. It increases the benefits of yogurt.

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