Monday, April 3, 2017

Paneer is Good for Health or Not? - Check out Report

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Often people have confusion about paneer. There are server benefits of paneer.

Paneer is Good for Health or Not? - Check out Report


1.    According to research of Harvard school of public, its vitamin D and calcium, protects us from cancer.

2.    It has calcium, protein, phosphorus, folate nutrients improves pregnant women and her child.

3.    Its calcium and phosphorus are beneficial for bones. It protects us from arthritis.

4.    It has phosphate, which is helpful to improve digestion.

5.    Paneer has selenium anti-oxidants, which keeps stomach healthy for long time. It reduces the process of ageing.

6.    Salt is used to prepared paneer. It has high amount of sodium, which might increase BP.

7.    If the milk is not pasteurized or it is raw then the risk of bacterial infection increases.

8.    The whole milk paneer increases cholesterol level.

9.    It is beneficial to have paneer after few hour of exercise. You can eat paneer before one hour of meal. It reduces over eating.

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