Saturday, April 8, 2017

List of Foods Have More Calcium Than Milk

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People often take milk and milk products for calcium-rich food. Calcium is very beneficial for bones.

List of Foods Have More Calcium Than Milk

Foods Have More Calcium
Sesame: 100 gram sesame contains 975 mg calcium.

Tofu: 100 gram soya paneer contains 350 mg calcium.

Almond: 100 gram almond contains 264 mg calcium.

Vanilla Ice-cream: 100 gram vanilla ice-cream contains 128 mg calcium.

Spinach: 100 gram spinach contains 99 mg calcium.

Ladyfinger: 100 gram ladyfinger contains 82 mg calcium.

Orange: One orange contains 40 mg calcium.

Beans: 100 gram beans contain 40 mg calcium.

Soya Milk: 100 gram soya milk contains 25 mg calcium.

Lemon: One lemon contains 15 mg calcium.

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