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Home Remedy For Glowing And Scar Free Skin

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Chemical remedies for pimples, injury or burn marks and stretch markes can be damaged to skin. Many times these creams creaes wrinkles.

Home Remedy For Glowing And Scar Free Skin

Home Remedy For Glowing And Scar Free Skin
Spinach: Apply spinach paste on spots-acne. Wash if after 15 minutes. It has vitamin E and zinc, which repairs the damaged skin and increase the glow.

Potato: Cut the half potato and rub it on spots regularly. It has natural bleeching agent, which removes acne-spots and makes skin glowing.

Honey: Regularly massage honey on stain-spots. Honey has anti-oxidants, which makes skin glowing and healthy. It removes spots.

Aloe Vera: Apply aloe vera gel on face and gently massage it. Wash it after 30 minutes with water. Aloe vera contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterila properties, which removes spots and makes skin soft.

Apple Sider Vinegar: Mix equal amount of water in apple sider vinegar and apply it on spots once in a day. Wash it after 5 minutes. Its acidic nature cleans the spots and cleans the texture of the skin.

Turmeric: Apply mixture of one pinch of turmeric and one teaspoon cream on spots. Wash it after 20 minutes. According to byofacters general study, it has curcumine, which is helpful to reduce spots-stains.

Tomato: Apply grind tomato on spots. Wash it after 10 minutes with normal water. It balances PH level of skin. Its vitamins and minerals removes spots-stains and makes skin tight.

Flour Bran: Apply flour bran on spots. Wash it after 10 minutes. Its scrubber effect removes dead skin. Skin becomes fresh and glowing.

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