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Drink Raisin Water Daily To Get More Power - Ayurveda Upay

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Raisin not only keeps us away from diseases, but also enhances body’s immunity.

Drink Raisin Water Daily To Get More Power - Ayurveda Upay

Raisin Water
Heart Attack: The regular consumption of raisin water keeps heart healthy and protects us from heart attack.

BP: Chewing garlic bud with raisin water controls BP.

Hunger: Hunger increases by drinking raisin water with a pinch of black salt and black pepper powder.

Sore Throat: Raisin water gives relief in sore throat. However, do not drink water after it.

Skin Problem: Raisin water removes toxins and detox the body. Therefore, skin becomes healthy and glowing.

Sperm: Drink lukewarm milk after having soak raisin. It increases sperm count.

Constipation: Raisin contains fibers, which work as natural laxative. It gives relief from constipation.

Acidity: Raisin has soluble fibers, which clean the stomach. It gives relief from irritation and acidity.

Fever: The consumption of soak raisin with lukewarm milk gives relief from fever. It also reduces weakness.

Cold-Cough: The mixture of soak raisin with black pepper milk. It gives relief from cold-cough.

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