Friday, April 28, 2017

Health Benefits of Warm Salt Water

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Taking excess quantity of refined salt in the diet leads to a lot of damage to the body. But if take sea salt mixed with a glass of lukewarm water every morning, it can save us from many diseases.

Health Benefits of Warm Salt Water

Warm Salt Water
Digestion: It actives salivary gland in mouth. This gland makes saliva and improves digestion.

Obesity: This water detoxes the body. It helps to reduce obesity.

Strong Bones: This water has enough amount of calcium. The daily consumption of this water strengthens the bones.

Skin: This water provides enough amounts of sulphur and chromium to the body. It makes skin soft and clean.

Constipation: This water actives the colon (big intestine). It is beneficial in constipation problem.

Insomnia: This water reduces cortisol, which is stress hormone. Therefore, we get good sleep.

Throat Infection: Salt water reduces throat bacteria. It reduces the risk of throat infection.

Bacteria: This water has anti-bacterial properties. The consumption of it removes the dangerous bacteria.

Acidity: This water protects gas formation in stomach. The regular consumption of this water is beneficial in acidity problem.

Muscles Pain
: This water relaxes the muscles. Therefore, we can get relief from muscles pain.

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