Monday, April 10, 2017

Health Benefits Of Summer Special Foods

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Metabolism of body is much faster during the summer season. It is easy to lose weight in this season. Weight can be reduced only by making slight changes in your diet.

Health Benefits Of Summer Special Foods

Summer Special Food
Buttermilk: It has pro-biotic bacteria, potassium and zinc. It keeps digestion healthy. It protects us from heart problem.

Coconut Water: It has calcium, electrolytes and potassium. It increases stamina and strengthens bones.

Watermelon: It has lycopene, potassium and vitamin C. It protects us from heart diseases and reduces weakness.

Musk Melon: It doesn’t have fat and cholesterol. It has high amount of fiber. It protects us from acidity and controls BP.

Cucumber: It has fiber, phosphorus and polyphenols. It strengthens the teeth and protects us from cancer.

Almond: It has vitamin B, glutamine acid and vitamin A. It gives power to mind and reduces anemia.

Orange: It has anti-oxidants, carotenoids and potassium. It is beneficial for healthy skin and eyes.

Onion: It has sulphur, anti-inflammatory properties and low amount of calorie. It protects us from joint pain. It also reduces hair fall.

Grapes: It has flavonoids and fibers. It reduces cholesterol and improves digestion.

Lychee: It has phosphorous, vitamin C and magnesium. It strengthens the teeth and reduces weakness.

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