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8 Food Combination You should Avoid - Ayurveda Upay

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In ayurveda, it has been advised not to eat contaminated foods and hot foods together.

8 Food Combination You should Avoid - Ayurveda Upay

Food Combination You should Avoid
Sour Fruit & Sweet Fruit: Both types of food have different effect. The consumption of both foods might create stomach problem.

Milk & Salty: The mixture of salt and milk reduces the benefit of protein. One might face skin problems.

Yogurt & Fruit: Both has different enzyme. One might face cough, cold and acidity problem.

Milk & Urad Daal: Urad daal is heavy. The consumption of milk and urad daal creates digestion and gas problem.

Honey & Ghee: According to charak sanhita the consumption of honey and milk becomes poison.

Milk & Yogurt: According to ayurveda, both give different effects. One might face diarrhea problem.

Milk & Fish: Both gives opposite effect. One might face skin diseases.

Spices & Milk: Milk effect is cold while spices effect is hot. The consumption of spices and milk might create stomach problem.

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