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Whom Should Not Eat Garlic Lahsun - Ayurveda Upay

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Garlic is used to increase the taste and medicine. However, it is harmful to some people.

Whom Should Not Eat Garlic Lahsun - Ayurveda Upay

Not Eat Garlic
BP: High intake of garlic reduces blood pressure. Don’t eat if you are already suffering with BP problem.

Anemia: Hemoglobin gets low by eating garlic.

Liver Problem: Don’t eat garlic if you have liver problem. Problem will be increased by eating more garlic.

Stomach Problem
: If you’re suffering with stomach problems such as ulcer, diarrhea then doesn’t eat garlic.

Birth Control Pills: Eating more garlic reduces the effect of the birth control pills.

Pregnant: Garlic is hot. Eating garlic in pregnancy may lead to miscarriage.

Homeopathic Medicine: Don’t eat garlic if you are taking homeopathic medicine. It will not give the effectiveness of medicine.

Surgery: Blood is dilute by eating garlic. The chances of heavy blooding increase during surgery.

Allergy: People facing allergy of garlic. They should avoid it as it may increase the problem.

Dilute Pills: Garlic dilutes the blood. If you are already taking the medicine it will increase the problem.

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