Friday, March 17, 2017

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Munakka

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In ayurveda, munakka is the best medicine to cure cold-cough. In addition, there are several benefits of munakka. It has many nutrients.

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Munakka

Munakka improves blood circulation. It increase the shine and glow of the skin.

Munakka has fibers. It is beneficial for good digestion.

Munakka has high amount of potassium. It is effective in heart attack and other heart problem.

Munakka has iron. It is beneficial in anemia.

Munakka has anti-oxidants. It is helpful in protecting against cancer.

Munakka has anti-bacterial property. It helps to cure cold-cough.

Munakka has beta-carotene. It is beneficial for healthy eyes.

Munakka has oxalic acid. It strengthens the teeth. It is effective in gum problem.

Munakka contains high amount of calcium. It is effective in joint pain.

The consumption of munakka removes toxins from the body. It is very beneficial in hair fall problem.

Mix one garlic bud in fiver munakka. Eat this mixture at night. It is beneficial for constipation.

It is beneficial to have mixture of honey and munakka.

Boil munakka in milk. It provides many health benefits.

One can eat mixture of saunf, celery and munakka.

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