Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Healthy Food To Apply On Skin For Fairness

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Such food has nutrients, which increases fairness of the skin. Skin also becomes glowing.

Healthy Food To Apply On Skin For Fairness

Food To Apply On Skin
1.    Mix saffron in raw milk and soak it in cotton. Apply it on face. It reduces darkness.

2.    Mix turmeric in rice paste. Apply it on skin. It increases fairness.

3.    Apply mixture of carrot juice and honey. Wash it when it becomes dry. It reduces fairness.

4.    Apply mixture of yogurt and turmeric powder. It is very effective in reducing darkness.

5.    Apply coconut cream on face. Wash it after 15 minutes. It increases fairness of face.

6.    Apply papaya pulp on face. It increases fairness of skin. It also increases glow of the skin.

7.    Prepare mixture of gram flour, yogurt and lemon juice. Apply it on face. It is very effective for glowing skin.

8.    Prepare powder of orange pills. Mix rose water and apply it on face.

9.    Prepare mixture of barley flour and rose water. Apply it on face and it increases fairness.

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