Saturday, March 18, 2017

Healthy Food For Fair Skin

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Usually, people apply fairness cream for glow. However, some food helps in it. These foods have such nutrients, which reduces darkness of the skin.

Healthy Food For Fair Skin

Fair Skin
Banana: It has potassium and vitamin E. The consumption of banana increases the fairness of skin.

Milk: It has vitamin C and zinc. The daily consumption of milk increases the glow of the skin.

Papaya: It has papain. It helps to increase fairness.

Beet: It has iron. It increases the fairness of face.

Coconut Water: It has electrolytes. It is beneficial to reduce darkness.

Saffron: It saffron oil. It protects the skin from darkness.

Saunf: The consumption of saunf removes toxins from the body. It is helpful to increase the fairness of skin.

Tomato: It has anti-oxidants. It is helpful to maintain fairness.

Lemonade: It has vitamin C. It is helpful to protect darkness of the skin.

Black Tea: It has polyphenols. The daily two cups of black tea consumption increases the fairness of the face.

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