Thursday, March 16, 2017

10 Health Benefits Of One Glass Of Milk With Honey

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The mixture of one glass milk and one teaspoon honey gives positive results on the body. Milk and honey has such nutrients, which is effective in many diseases.

10 Health Benefits Of One Glass Of Milk With Honey

1.    Honey-Milk has fiber. It improves digestion and beneficial in constipation.

2.    Honey-Milk has carbohydrates. It decreases weakness and gives instant energy.

3.    Honey-Milk has calcium. It is effective in knee and joint pain.

4.    Honey-Milk contains anti-bacterial properties. It increase glow of the skin and darkness reduces.

5.    Honey-Milk has protein. It is beneficial to strengthen the muscles.

6.    Honey-Milk contains amino acids. It gives good sleep before drinking bed.

7.    Honey-Milk contains anti-oxidants. It is beneficial to increase stamina.

8.    Honey-Milk has vitamin E. It is beneficial to cure pimple and other skin problem. It is also beneficial for healthy skin.

9.    Honey-Milk contains anti-septic property. It protects us from infection.

10.    Honey-Milk has vitamin D. It strengthens the bones.

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