Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Health Benefits Of Onion Tea

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One might not heard about onion tea however, it is very effective in many diseases. Its medicinal qualities are beneficial in obesity, diabetes, hypertension and insomnia. It gives many benefits if we drink it after taking advice from doctors.

Health Benefits Of Onion Tea

Onion Tea
1.    Onion tea is beneficial in insomnia.

2.    Onion tea contains phytochemicals and vitamin C, which increases immunity power.

3.    Onion tea has chromium, which controls blood sugar.

4.    Onion tea has anti-inflammatory property, which gives relief from pain and inflammation.

5.    The consumption of onion tea reduces the LDL means bad cholesterol level.

6.    Onion tea contains quercetin compound, which protects us from cancer.

7.    Onion tea gives relief from fever, cough, throat irritation and allergy.

8.    Onion tea increases digestive juice in stomach. Therefore, it is beneficial to cure digestion problem.

9.    Onion tea protects us from hypertension, which means high BP.

10.    Onion tea balances insulin level and protects us from diabetes.

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