Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Health Benefits Of One Glass Water Mix With 10 Different Food

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There are such foods, which are beneficial with water. One can drink it regularly. It is beneficial for health.

Health Benefits Of One Glass Water Mix With Different Food

Glass Water Mix With Different Food
Asafetida Water: It reduces cholesterol therefore, it protect us from heart problem. It has anti-inflammatory property, which is effective in joint pain.

Cumin Water: It increases beauty. It is also beneficial in indigestion problem.

Cinnamon Water: It controls blood sugar level. Therefore, diabetes reduces. It also reduces cholesterol and protects us from heart attack.

Baking Soda Water: It doesn’t have cholesterol. It protects us from heat problem. It balances acid level in the body and protects us from kidney problem.

Lemonade: It is beneficial to reduce body fat. It balances acid level in the body and removes acidity.

Turmeric Water: It balances insulin level and controls diabetes. It has Lipopolysaccharides, which increases immunity of the body.

Honey Water: It removes toxins from the body. It protects us from liver and kidney diseases. It has anti-bacterial property, which is beneficial for healthy skin.

Black Pepper Water: It has potassium and fiber, which controls BP. It is beneficial in anemia.

Saunf Water: It increases metabolism and reduces weight. It has diuretic properties, which is effective in urine problem.

Celery Water: It has fiber, which is beneficial in constipation. It is beneficial in fat burning. The regular consumption of it reduces weight.

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