Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Health Benefits Of Cucumber Juice With Lemon

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Cucumber has 96% water. Also, it has many nutrients, which protects us from diseases. Its benefits increase by mixing lemon juice. Black salt, celery or black pepper can be added in this drink.

Health Benefits Of Cucumber Juice With Lemon

Cucumber Juice
1. Cucumber has low amount of calorie. It is beneficial to reduce weight.

2. The mixture of lemon juice and cucumber juice removes toxins from the body. It increases beauty.

3. Cucumber has vitamin A. It is beneficial for healthy eyes.

4. Cucumber juice has high amount of calcium. It helps to strengthen the bones.

5. Cucumber juice and lemon has fibers. It is beneficial for digestion. It is effective in constipation.

6. This drink controls insulin level. It protects us from diabetes.

7. Cucumber juice and lemon juice controls cholesterol level. It is effective in protecting against heart attack.

8. This drink contains phosphorus. It strengthens the tooth and helps in protecting gum problem.

9. It has anti-inflammatory properties. It is effective in joint pain.

10. It has polyphenols. It helps to protect against cancer.

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