Monday, March 27, 2017

Eat Before Sleep For Good Health

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Many people eat anything before bed. These things are healthy then one gets good sleep. It also protects us from many diseases.

Eat Before Sleep For Good Health

Eat Before Sleep
Date Milk: It has flavonoids. It is effective to increase fertility.

Egg: It has high amount of protein. It controls hunger and increase the calorie burning process.

Green Tea: It has anti-oxidants. It reduces stress and increase immunity.

Celery: It increases metabolism. It is beneficial to reduce obesity.

Banana: It has high amount of tryptophan. It gives peace to mind and provides good sleep.

Oats: It has fiber and carbohydrates. It is beneficial for good digestion. It also keeps stomach full for long time.

Sweet Potato: It has good carb. It keeps muscles relax and gives good sleep at night.

Honey Milk: It has high amount of fiber. Drink it before bed. It improves digestion and gives relief from constipation.

Raisin: It has arginine. The consumption of raisin at night increases sperm count.

Milk: It has amino acids and calcium. It gives relief from fatigue. It keeps your mind calm.

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