Thursday, March 2, 2017

Benefits Of Eating Banana Everyday

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Banana is full of vitamins and minerals. check out the amazing effects of eating banana everyday for good health.

Benefits Of Eating Banana Everyday

Eating Banana
Digestion: Banana has high amount of fiber. It improves digestion. It is also beneficial in constipation and acidity.

Weakness: Banana gives instant energy. It is beneficial to remove weakness.

Anemia: Banana has enough amount of dietary fiber, which increases hemoglobin in the blood. It is beneficial in anemia.

Healthy Heart: Banana has bountiful fiber, potassium, calcium, vitamin C and B6. The regular consumption of banana controls cholesterol.

Memory: Banana has vitamin B6, which improves brain function and sharpens the memory.

Blood Pressure: Banana has good amount of potassium. It balances the sodium and BP in the body.

Urinary Infection: It has magnesium and potassium, which reduces the risk of urinary infection.

Stress: Banana has tryptophan, which improves mood. It reduces stress.

Immunity: Banana contains carotenoids, which increases immunity. It reduces the risk of cold-cough and infection.

Anti-Ageing: Banana has vitamin C. It increase skin glow and reduces ageing.

Bones: It has calcium, which strengthens the bones. Bone remains strong in ageing.

Teeth: Banana has high amount of phosphorus. It reduces the risk of oral disease.

Ulcer: Banana removes ulcer bacteria from stomach. It gives relief from stomach pain and ulcer.

Diarrhea: Banana has potassium, which controls lose motion and vomiting.

Cancer: Banana has enough amounts of anti-oxidants. It is beneficial to protect cancer.

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