Monday, February 20, 2017

Top 10 Utility Tips Of Egg Shell

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Usually, egg shell thrown away after using it. We can use egg shell to enhance the beauty. We can also use its powder.

Top 10 Utility Tips Of Egg Shell

Egg Shell
Tone: Mix vinegar in grind shell of eggs. Applying this on face improves the tone.

Glow: Mix aloe vera gel in its power and apply its on face. It increases glow of the skin.

Pimples: Mix honey in shell powder and apply it on pimples. It removes pimple easily.

Teeth: Apply egg shell powder on yellowing of teeth. It easily removes the teeth.

Food: Keep egg shell near to the vegetables and fruits. It remains fresh for long time.

Utensil: Clean the utensils with egg shell. Utensils will shine.

Plant: Mess the egg shell and put it in plants. It increases growth of plants. It works as fertilizer.

Worms: Keep egg shell in the home. Lizard and other worms won’t come in the home.

Pet: Mix egg shell powder in pets’ diet. It has calcium and pets’ remain healthy.

Wound: Apply egg shell on wound and cover it with strip. Wound fill easily.

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