Friday, February 24, 2017

Side Effects of Drinking Too Much Tea - Ayurveda

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Anxiety: Tea has high amount of caffeine. It increases heart rate, sweat, anxiety and restlessness.

Stomach Problem: Tea has tannin and tylin, which disturbs the digestion. Gas and constipation problem also increases due to mixing milk in it.

Bones: Tea leaves has high amount of fluoride. Bones become weak due to it.

Insomnia: Tea contains phytochemicals, which disturbs the bio-logical clock of the body. Therefore, insomnia problem increase.

Addiction: Tea contains caffeine therefore, one might get addiction. One get headache, fatigue and interest reduces in work.

Cancer: Hot tea damages the nerves. Therefore, one might get cancer.

Kidney: Drinking more than 5 cups of tea increase urine problem 400-500%. It gives more pressure on kidney. Tea contains oxalates, which creates kidney stone.

Healthy Minerals: Tea increases urine problem. It also removes sodium, potassium and calcium.

Dehydration: Urine increases due to caffeine in tea. It also removes water from the body and one might face dehydration.

Toxins: Tea leaves have aluminum and other toxins. Therefore, one might face skin disease.

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