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Home Remedies To Improve Strengths

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Our food impact on our activity. One should include such food, which has carb, protein, vitamin C, iron, fats and calcium. It increase stamina of the body and removes weakness.

Home Remedies To Improve Strengths

Improve Strengths
Honey & Turmeric: Mix one teaspoon honey and turmeric powder. The regular consumption of it removes weakness.

Milk & Banana: Drink one glass of milk with 2-3 bananas in morning-evening.

Pomegranate Peel: Grind the dry pomegranate peel. Take one teaspoon every morning-evening.

Date, Cashew & Almond: Boil 4-5 dates, 2-3 cashews, 2 almonds and one glass milk. Mix two teaspoon sugar in it and drink it before bed.

Amla: Mix sugar in Amla powder. Eat it one teaspoon before going bed every day.

Fenugreek: Soak two teaspoon fenugreek seeds in one glass water for five hours. Boil it and filter it. Regularly drink mixing 2 teaspoon honey.

Cinnamon: Drink mixture of one glass milk, one fourth teaspoon cinnamon powder and one teaspoon honey.

Horse Gram: Soak 6-7 teaspoon horse gram in one glass milk for overnight. Mix 5-6 raisins and sugar before drinking it in morning.

Grapes Juice: Drink one glass grapes juice after having your meal. It reduces weakness.

Spinach Juice
: Drink one glass spinach juice every day. It gives plenty of energy to the body.

Saunf & Sugar
: Take equal amount of saunf and sugar. Prepare its powder and intake two teaspoon after having your meal.

: Wash 10-15 raisins with hot water and soak it in water for overnight. Drink its water and chew its seeds in the morning.

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