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Home Remedies to Control High Blood Sugar - Ayurveda Upay

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Do you have extra sugar problem? Many people in India has problem of high blood sugar disease. It happens due to ineffective way to transport sugar to your blood cells and the reason, you get high sugar problem. There are some ayurveda upay which you can follow to control your sugar level easily. Below we have mentioned some home remedies which will help you to control your sugar level and even save you from taking insulin.

Home Remedies to Control High Blood Sugar

Control High Blood Sugar Problem
Below are some of the important home remedies which can help you to control your blood sugar level. do check it and apply in your lifestyle.

Exercise Helps the Best

The best way to control blood sugar is to burn more calories in a day, lose more weight. You can do jogging, swimming, running, cycling, dancing or even can join any gym. Yoga or suryanamaskar is also good way to do exercise at home. It helps a lot. Exercise helps you to increase the sensitivity of insulin even, which means your blood cells can more effectively convert sugar in to cells.

Drink more water and Stay Hydrated

We know that our body is made of 70% water, which helps to keep everything in limit. As per the official study, it has been come to know that drinking more water can help you reduce the risk of blood sugar. It helps your blood to re-hydrates on regular interval. Also, water is the zero calorie item, it does not have and glucose or even increase the diabetes risk either.

Regularly check your Sugar Level

If you are already a patient of high sugar level, than do regular check of your sugar level. Buy a good Glucometer and check your sugar level 4 times a day (depends on the type of diabetic you are). Glucometers are not that costly, you can get best one under Rs.1000 even. You can find the review of glucometers from any review website, do check the review before buying one.

Take only low glycemic index

Do check the food you take in regular meal,if it has high glycemic index (sugar level) or not. Here is the list of glycemic index, where you will get list of foods where they have listed glycemic index. From wheat rice, popcorn, glucose and all other items glycemic index is given there.

Don’t take too much stress

Tension, stress can always increase your sugar level. If you take too much stress, your harmones like glucagon and cortisol gets leak and which results in high blood pressure. You can do meditation, yoga and relaxing with music can help you to reduce your stress and blood sugar level.

Final Words :- These are the top 5 home remedies you can consider to control your blood sugar level. Apart from this, you are advised to take more sleep, eat chromium rich foods, start taking regular use of apple cider vinegar in use and above all, start exercising, Just do it.

Visit your doctor regularly, takes his/her advise regularly and ask for how to change the lifestyle (even you can learn how to use glucometer at home from doctor). These are the easiest and home remedies which you apply in your day-to-day routine to control your blood sugar level. It is important for yourself and for your health. For more home remedies, keep visiting us.

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