Friday, February 10, 2017

10 Effective Utility Tips Of Sugar

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Sugar is not only used in food but also it can be used in other work. Sugar can be used to enhance beauty.

10 Effective Utility Tips Of Sugar

Utility Tips Of Sugar
- Mix sugar in coconut oil and apply on face. It cleans the face. It helps to enhance the glow of the skin

- The mixture of banana paste, olive oil and sugar makes skin soft. It is effective to increase the shine of face

- You can use sugar if your tongue gets burning

- Rub the sugar on lips. After that, apply lipstick on lips. It stays for long time

- Keep flowers in mixture of sugar and vinegar. Flowers remain fresh for long time

- Keep sugar in plate before cake. It keeps cake fresh for long time

- Grind the sugar and mix it in water. You can use this paste to clean the stains

- Apply mixture of sugar and olive oil to clean the stain of greece or oil. It cleans the stains

- Keep sugar on cheese and put it in refrigerator. It keeps cheese fresh for long time.

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