Thursday, February 16, 2017

Drink Milk With 10 Different Types Of Food

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Milk nutrients are beneficial for health. Its health benefits increase when you mix other healthy food. It gives energy to the body and protects us from many diseases.

Drink Milk With 10 Different Types Of Food

Drink Milk
Milk-Fig: This drink has vitamin B6, which sharpen the memory. It contains glucose and fructose, which gives instant energy and removes weakness.

Milk-Jaggery: It removes toxins from the body and skin becomes soft and shiny. It has anti-oxidants, which is effective in period problems.

Milk-Turmeric: It has amino acid, which gives good sleep. It also has calcium, which protects us from joint pain.

Milk-Cardamom: It has potassium, which protects us from heart attack. It contains fiber, which improves digestion.

Milk-Nutmeg: It removes toxins from the body and glow increases of the skin. It has phosphorus, which is effective in gum problem.

Milk-Cinnamon: It has cinnamaldehyde, which is beneficial in cold-cough. It has fiber, which helps to reduce weight.

Milk-Almond: It reduces cholesterol level, which is effective in heart problem. It has healthy fats, which reduces weight.

Milk-Raw Egg: It has phosphorus, which strengthen teeth. It is effective in gum problem. It has iron, which protect us from anemia.

Milk-Dark Chocolate: It has flavonoids, which improves mood. It has protein, which strengthen the muscles.

Milk-Banana: It has magnesium, which removes stress. It has high amount of potassium, which is effective in heat problem.

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