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9 Ayurveda Tips To Prevent Baldness In Man

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Androgen hormone controls the hair growth in men. Hair fall stars due to imbalance of this hormone. It is called as men pattern baldness. To avoid this condition, one should include such food that contains nutrients like selenium.

9 Ayurveda Tips To Prevent Baldness In Man

Cucumber: It contains silicon and sulphur. It makes hair thick and long.

Honey: It contains amino acids and enzymes, which makes hair soft and shiny.

Rajma: It contains zinc and biotin, which makes hair thick.

Eggs: It has high amount of protein and iron, which improves blood circulation and hair becomes shiny.

Fish: It contains protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to increase growth of the hair.

Nuts: It contains selenium and alpha linolenic acid, which reduces hair fall.

Green Vegetables
: It has high amount of vitamin, iron and calcium, which strengthens the hair.

Banana: It contains niacin and folic acid, which does hair conditioning.

Oats: It contains magnesium and potassium, which helps in growth of hair.

Hair Fall:

Hormonal Problem: Androgenetic alopecia is the common reason of hair fall. This problem occurs due to imbalance of DHT hormone.

Alcohol: Toxins increases due to high consumption of alcohol. There would be shortage of iron, zinc and water. Therefore, hair fall occurs.

Smoking: Blood nerves shrinks due to nicotine. It also decreases oxygen level in the body and hair fall occurs.

Unhealthy Diet: Most of the men do not take healthy diet. Therefore, there would be lack of iron, protein and calcium in the body.

Stress: Usually, men do not share their problems with anyone. In this case, they get stress and body hormones imbalances. Therefore, hair fall occurs.

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