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Indian Spices For Weight Loss - Ayurveda Upay

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Spices increase the taste of food. There are several benefits. These spices contain nutrients, which burns the fat.

Indian Spices For Weight Loss - Ayurveda Upay

Indian Spices
Black Pepper: It has peppering. It helps to burn the fat. Put in vegetable. You can also drink its tea.

Cumin: It has anti-inflammatory property, which is effective in fat burning. Drink its tea. You can also eat in vegetable.

Saunf: It has high amount of fiber, which increase the fat burning process. You can drink its tea.

Mustard: It increases the metabolism rate and burns the fat. You can put in aurora.

Turmeric: It has curcumin, which removes fat tissue. You can use in vegetable. You can put turmeric powder in milk or water.

Garlic: It has allicin, which reduces appetite. You can use it in vegetable. You can eat it with honey with empty stomach.

Cinnamon: It controls blood sugar level therefore; you won’t get hunger for long time. It reduces weight. You can drink its tea or use it in food.

Red Chili: It has capsaicin, which reduces hunger. You can use it in vegetable or aurora.

Ginger: It contains gingerols, which controls hunger. Prepare its tea. Put in tea or vegetable.

Elaichi: It has cineole which increases metabolism and burs fat. Put in vegetable. Put it in tea.

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