Wednesday, January 18, 2017

10 Healthy Food In Winter

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One should eat such food, which is hot in winter. This will reduce the feeling of cold. This food contains nutrients, which protect the health problem.

10 Healthy Food In Winter

Healthy Food In Winter
Fenugreek: It has potassium and iron, which removes weakness and protects us from heat attack. Use fenugreek in vegetable or laddoo.

Carrot: It has high amount of vitamin A. It increase immunity and protect us from diseases. We can prepare its halva or juice.

Jaggery: It is hot, which gives relief from cold-cough. It gives moisture to the skin. You can eat jaggery tea or sesame-jaggery laddoo.

Sesame: It has anti-oxidants, which protect us from cold-cough in winter. It is beneficial to improve digestion. One can eat sesame laddoo or chutney.

Nuts: It has potassium and magnesium, which controls BP and protect us from heart problem. One can use 4-5 nuts or use it in fruit salad.

Ginger: It has gingerols, which increases immunity and protect us from diseases. Drink its tea or include it in your diet.

Peanut: It reduces cholesterol and protects us from heart problem. It has good fat, which gives moisture to the skin. Prepare its Chikki or chutney.

Eggs: It has folic acid and vitamin D, which strengthens the bones and increases stamina. One can use raw or boil egg in salad.

Sweet Potato: It has high amount of fiber. So weight won’t increase even if you eat it in high amount. One can use roasted or boil sweet potato.

Fish: It has zinc and omega 3 fatty acids, which gives heat to the body and gives glow to the skin. One can use grille or roasted fish.

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