Monday, January 9, 2017

10 Healthy Food To Cure Dandruff

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Dryness problem increase in cold. Therefore, dandruff problem increase. One should include such food in diet, which gives moisture to the skin. It also controls hair fall.

10 Healthy Food To Cure Dandruff

Cure Dandruff
Chickpea: It has vitamin B6 and zinc, which prevent us from dandruff.

Nuts: It has high amount of zinc, which controls oil gland production and prevent us from dandruff.

Soya Ben: It has vitamin B6, which maintains moisture of skin and helps in removing dandruff.

Lemonade: It has anti fungal property, which is beneficial to remove dandruff.

Olive Oil: It has natural moisturizer, which is helpful in dandruff.

Ginger: It has anti bacterial and anti fungal property, which removes dandruff.

Papaya: It has papain, which improves digestion. It also protects dandruff protection.

Garlic: It has allicin, which has anti fungal compound. It reduces dandruff.

Fish: It has riboflavin, which is beneficial to reduce the effect of dandruff.

Sunflower Seeds
: It has vitamin B6 complex, which gives moisture to the skin and removes dandruff.

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