Thursday, January 19, 2017

9 Healthy Food To Control Thyroid

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Thyroid endocrine is gland, which is found in our body. It makes thyroxin hormone, which affects many body function. The glands are not working properly if the functions disturbs. Body cannot spend enough energy therefore, weight increase or decreases rapidly.

9 Healthy Food To Control Thyroid

Control Thyroid
Yogurt: It increases immunity and controls thyroid.

Nuts: It contains selenium, which reduces the risk of heart problem.

Whole Grains: It contains fiber, which protect us from side effects of thyroid.

Eggs: It contains selenium, which is effective in reducing thyroid.

Fenugreek: It contains anti-oxidants, which controls thyroid hormone.

Mushroom: It has high amount of selenium, which helps to control thyroid.

Cheese: It has high amount of calcium, which supports to avoid thyroid.

Milk: It has high amount of calcium, which supports to avoid thyroid hormone.

Fish: It has omega-3 fatty acids, which controls thyroid gland.

Coriander Water: Soak 2 teaspoon raw coriander in water for overnight. Boil this water in the morning and mix a pinch of salt in it before drinking it.

Basil & Aloe Vera: Mix 2 drops of basil leaves juice in half teaspoon aloe vera juice. Drink it twice in a day.

Spinach & Lime: Mix half lime juice in one cup spinach juice and drink it at night.

Turmeric: Eat one teaspoon fry turmeric powder and drink water. You can also drink turmeric milk.

Walnut & Almond: Soak 4-5 walnut and almond for overnight. Eat it in the morning. It contains selenium, which improves thyroid function.

Green Leafy Vegetables: Iron is also beneficial for thyroid gland. One should include green leafy vegetables in diet. It gives enough amount of iron.

Oats: Oats has nutrients, which keeps us healthy and helpful in thyroid. One can eat oats when they get hunger.

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