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Healthy Drinks To Prevent Kidney Problem

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Kidney won’t work properly when calcium deposited in it. In this situation, kidney stone and malfunction of kidney occurs. There are such drinks which improves function of kidney.

Healthy Drinks To Prevent Kidney Problem

Prevent Kidney Problem
Lemonade: It has citric acid, which reduces the risk of kidney stone. Mix honey in lukewarm water and drink it.

Beetroot Juice: It has b-tan, which improves blood circulation toward kidney. Drink a glass of beetroot juice.

Apple Juice: It has anti-oxidants, which improve kidney function. Drink it without sugar.

Green Coriander Juice: It removes toxins from the body and filters the kidney. Drink a glass of coriander juice every day.

Turmeric Water: It has antiseptic property, which reduces the chances of kidney stone formation. Drink a glass of turmeric water every day.

Buttermilk: It has probiotics bacteria, which helps in proper function of kidney. Mix cumin before drinking it.

Coconut Water: It has electrolytes, which prevents the kidney stone formation. Drink it every morning-evening.

Black Tea: It has oxalates, which is beneficial for kidney. Drink it twice in a day.

Basil Tea: It has phytochemicals prevent us from urine related problems. Mix basil leaves in normal tea.

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