Friday, January 6, 2017

9 Effective Health Benefits Of Radish Leaves

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Radish has folic acid. We can use it with peas. We can also include radish in salad. The vitamin C amount can be increase by adding lemon juice in radish.

9 Effective Health Benefits Of Radish Leaves

Health Benefits Of Radish Leaves
Cancer: Radish has anthocyanin, which helps against cancer.

Skin: The consumption of radish removes toxins from the body and provides glow to the skin.

Digestion: Radish has fiber. It improves digestion and gives relief in constipation.

Diabetes: It controls blood sugar level and prevent us from diabetes.

Weakness: Radish has iron and phosphorus, which increase hemoglobin level and decreases weakness.

Urine: It has diuretic properties, which is effective to cure urine related problem.

Piles: It has anti-bacterial properties, which helps in piles.

Joint Pain: Radish has calcium, which helps to avoid joint pain.

Cough: Radish has anti-congestive property, which helps to remove cough.

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