Saturday, January 28, 2017

Proven Health Benefits Of Milk With Jaggery

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Often people mix sugar to sweeten milk. However, we can use jaggery instead of sugar. There are several benefits of it.

Proven Health Benefits Of Milk With Jaggery

Milk With Jaggery
Anemia: Milk and jaggery contains iron. It is helpful from preventing in anemia.

Skin: This drink removes toxins from the body. It makes skin soft and shiny.

Menstrual: It has anti-oxidants. It is helpful in period problems.

Cold-Cough: Milk and jaggery increases the immunity of the body. It is effective in cold-cough.

Digestion: It has high amount of fiber. It helps from constipation.

Blood Pressure: Milk and jaggery has high amount of potassium. It controls BP.

Ageing: It has high amount of selenium. It is helpful in ageing.

Diabetes: It controls blood sugar level. It is beneficial in diabetes.

Urine Problem: It has diuretic properties. It is effective in urine problems.

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