Friday, January 13, 2017

Foods That Helps to Stay Young for Long

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There are many unhealthy foods, which increase the ageing. Let us know about it.

Foods That Helps to Stay Young for Long

Anti-aging foods
Sweet: Glasson process stars due to high consumption of sweet. Therefore, wrinkles occur on the skin. Ageing glint on the face.

Coffee: It has caffeine. It disturbs the sleep and increase dark circle and wrinkles.

Pickle: It has high amount of oil and salt. It increases wrinkles. It also weakens the bones.

Chicken: It might increase obesity and weight. Food, which prepares on high fire, may cause cancer.

Sauce: Sauce has high amount of sugar, salt and preservative. The high amount of consumption may increase inflammation under eyes and dark circle.

Cold Drinks: It has caffeine and fructose, which increase obesity and weight. It seems to be getting older.

Energy Drink: Its acidic quality weakens enamel of teeth. Tooth easily falls. It also affects bones.

Vegetable Ghee: It contains trans fats, which increases obesity. It affects skin and wrinkles come on the skin.

Processed Food: It contains preservative, which deposited sodium in the body. Therefore, inflammation comes on skin.

Junk Food: It has ajinomoto, which is very harmful for health. It might increase ageing process.

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