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Right Time To Eat Food For Good Health

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According to ayurveda, each food has its own property. Such food creates acid in the body when you eat them in the morning with empty stomach.

Right Time To Eat Food For Good Health

Right Time To Eat Food For Good Health
Milk: Drink milk at night. Milk contains amino acids, which requires for good sleep. You can also drink milk in morning.

Yogurt: Eat yogurt during day. It improves digestion. However, avoid having yogurt if you are suffering with cold-cough.

Coffee: You can avoid dullness if you drink it in morning. It provides energy. However, do not drink at night as you cannot get sleep. One might face shortage of water if you drink it at night.

Egg: Eat eggs in breakfast. Eggs have protein, which gives energy whole day. However, protein cannot be digested if you eat at night and you might face stomach problem.

Apple: Eat apple in morning. Apple peels have fiber, which helps in digestion. However, acid level increases if you eat at night. It affects digestion.

Banana: Eat banana during day. It has fiber, which improves digestion. It is helpful to maintain energy level. One might face cold-cough problem due to having at night.

Cheese: It is the good source of protein and calcium. Therefore, it gives energy whole day if you eat it in morning. Cheese takes time to digest. Digestion might affect if you eat at night.

Beans: It takes time to digest. Therefore, eat it in morning so you won’t suffer with gas. It has high amount of protein, therefore; digestion may affected. So, avoid having it at night.

Rice: It is easily digestible. Therefore, eat it at night in low amount. However, avoid having it in a day. One might face dullness if you eat it in high amount.

Meat: You should eat it in a day. Meat has high amount of protein, which gives energy to the whole day. However, avoid having at night as it affects digestion.

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