Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Health Benefits of Eating Water Socked Munakka

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Munakka not only prevents us from diseases but also increases immunity. Munakka provides nutrition to the intestines. It works as energetic medicine.

Health Benefits of Eating Water Socked Munakka

Water Socked Munakka
Weakness: It has plenty of iron, vitamins and minerals. Drink lukewarm milk and eat munakka. It is beneficial to remove weakness.

BP: Blood pressure can be controlled by having wet munakka and garlic buds.

Heart Problem: Munakka controls BP therefore; heat gets little pressure and prevents us from heat attack.

Cold-Cough: Drink milk with black peeper and wet munakka. It is beneficial in cold-cough and fever.

Constipation: Wet munakka has fibers, which works as natural laxative. It cleans the stomach and gives relief from constipation.

Vision: Vision can be improved by chewing munakka. It also decreases irritation.

Acidity: Munakka has soluble fibers, which cleans the stomach and gives relief in irritation and acidity.

Throat Infection: Do not drink water after having munakka. It gives relief in throat infection.

Fever: Wet munakka and lukewarm milk gives relief in fever. It also reduces weakness.

Skin: Munakka removes toxins from the body. It makes skin healthy and glowing.

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