Friday, December 30, 2016

5 Health Benefits And Side Effects Of Onion

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Onion contains sulfur, which prevent form many health problems and increase the glow of skin. Onion can be used as raw, salad or in vegetables.

5 Health Benefits And Side Effects Of Onion

Benefits And Side Effects Of Onion


Weight: Onion has low amount of calorie. It is effective in reducing the weight.

Heart Problem: Onion reduces cholesterol level. It prevents us from heart problem.

Joint Pain: Onion has anti-inflammatory properties, which prevents us from joint pain.

Cold-Cough: Onion is hot. It is beneficial in cold-cough.

Skin: Onion contains sulphur, which is very effective to cure skin problems such as acne.


Constipation: Intestine won’t work properly due to high consumption of onion. Therefore, you might get constipation.

Itching: It contains diphenylamine, which produces toxins. Therefore, you might get itching or rashes.

Gas: It has high amount of carbohydrates, which creates gas.

Blood: Onion has vitamin K therefore; the blood might get thin.

Diabetes: Blood sugar level might increase due to onion. Therefore, the risk of diabetes might increase.

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