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Ayurvedic Upay to Cure Acidity in 2 minutes

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Acidity, gas, sour belching and heart burn problem can lead to cancer. There are such natural foods, which works as antacid and they are very beneficial in acidity, gas and irritation.

Ayurvedic Upay to Cure Acidity in 2 minutes

Ayurvedic Upay to Remove Acidity
Clove: Chew clove or drinks its water. It gives relief in gas and acidity.

Milk: Cold milk neutralities the acid in stomach. It provides coolness to stomach.

Lime & Baking Soda: Mix one teaspoon lemon juice and half teaspoon baking soda in one glass water. Drink it immediately.

Banana: Banana has alkaline property, which neutralize the stomach acid and provides relief from acidity and sour belching.

Ginger: Chew one piece of ginger in irritation. You can also intake one teaspoon honey and ginger juice.

Saunf & Sugar: The mixture of saunf and sugar is very effective to cure irritation and sour belching.

Papaya: It contains papain enzyme, which reduces stomach acid. You can intake papaya or drink its juice.

Coconut: Chew raw coconut or drink coconut water. It neutralizes stomach acid. It also provides relief in irritation.

Mint: Chewing mint leaves or drinking mint juice provide coolness to digestive tract. It gives instant relief in acidity.

Murmura: Chew murmura in acidity. It absorbs the acid in stomach and gives relief in irritation.

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