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5 Vitamins For Healthy Hair and Their Source

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The scarcity of vitamins impacts on our hair. Hair becomes dry and hair fall occurs due to scarcity of vitamins. We should include such food in our diet, which gives enough amounts of vitamin and minerals.

5 Vitamins For Healthy Hair and Their Source

Healthy Hair
Vitamin A: It makes our hair thick, long, soft and shiny. It is helpful in hair fall, dry and thin. Source: One should include spinach, fenugreek, cabbage, carrot, sweet potato in diet.

Vitamin B: Hair becomes white and dry due to lack of vitamin B. It helps to make hair black, thick and soft. Source: One should include sprouts, rajma, linseed, soya bean and sea food in our diet.

Vitamin C: It makes collagen in skin. Hair fall and it become dry due to lack of vitamin C. Source: One should include Sour fruits, guava, tomato, papaya, red and yellow capsicum in diet.

Vitamin D: It controls iron and calcium in our body. The root of hair becomes weak and hair fall occurs. Source: Seat in sun light for 15-20 minutes every day. Also, include milk, cheese, soya bean, eggs and fish in diet.

Vitamin E: It is one type of anti oxidants, which is beneficial for strong and growth of the hair. It is beneficial in hair fall and dry hair. Source: On should include almond, tomato, onion, oats, eggs and chicken in diet.

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