Friday, November 11, 2016

Health Benefits of One Cup of Tea - Ayurveda Upay

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One should use more water and less milk to prepare tea. The reason of acidity is drinking tea. Let us know benefits of drinking tea.

Health Benefits of One Cup of Tea - Ayurveda Upay

One Cup of Tea
Energy: Tea contains caffeine, which gives energy and removes fatigue.

Weight: Tea without sugar has low calorie, which is beneficial to reduce weight.

Cold-Cough: Tea contains antioxidants, which increase immunity. We can also protect ourselves from cold-cough.

Ageing: It has anti aging elements, which is helpful to prevent ageing.

Digestion: Tea improves digestion and one cannot get constipation.

Strong Teeth: It has florid, which strengthen the teeth and we can protect ourselves from gum problem.

Blood Pressure: It has high amount of potassium, which controls the BP.

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