Thursday, November 3, 2016

Top 12 Health Benefits Of Groundnuts

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Milk is complete food. But many people do not drink milk. Groundnut contains similar amount of nutrients as milk. Groundnut has more protein compared to milk. It also has iron and calcium.

Top 12 Health Benefits Of Groundnuts

Health Benefits Of Groundnuts
Heart Problem: Groundnut reduces cholesterol. It is effective to prevent heart problem.

Muscles: It has high amount of calcium and protein. It strengthens the muscles.

Skin: It has omega 6 fatty acid, which is helpful to cure skin diseases.

Constipation: Groundnut contains fiber, which improves digestion and removes constipation.

Wrinkles: It has antioxidants, which is beneficial to reduce wrinkles. It prevents ageing.

Stroke: Ground contains polyphenols, which reduces the risk of stroke.

Brain Power: It has vitamin B6, which increases brain power. It is beneficial to sharpen the memory.

Pregnancy: Groundnut contains folic acid, which is beneficial in pregnancy.

Diabetes: Groundnut balances the blood sugar level and diabetes remains in control.

Depression: It has tryptophan, which is beneficial to remove depression.

Eczema: Groundnut has anti bacterial properties, which helps to prevent eczema.

Vision: It has beta carotene, which is beneficial to increase vision.

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