Wednesday, November 30, 2016

10 Proven Health Benefits Of Carrot

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Carrot contains anti-oxidants, which are beneficial for skin and health. Carrots can be used as salad, juice in winter.

10 Proven Health Benefits Of Carrot

Health Benefits Of Carrot
Healthy Skin: It contains anti-oxidants, which makes skin soft and shiny.

Digestion: Carrot has fiber, which is beneficial to improve digestion. It gives relief in constipation.

Brain Power: Carrot contains vitamin B6, which increases brain power.

Weakness: Carrot has vitamin C, which gives energy and removes weakness.

Heart Problem: Carrot has high amount of potassium, which prevent us from heart problem.

Joint Pain: Carrot has anti-inflammatory properties, which is beneficial to prevent joint pain.

Cancer: Carrot has anti carcinogenic properties, which is effective from preventing cancer.

Diseases: Carrot improves immunity and one can protect himself from diseases.

Menstrual: Carrot contains phytoestrogen, which are beneficial to avoid menstrual.

Vision: Carrot has beta carotene. It increases vision.

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