Sunday, November 27, 2016

10 Proven Health Benefits Of Amla

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One Amla contains 600 mg vitamin C. Amla is the only source, which contains high amount of vitamin C.

10 Proven Health Benefits Of Amla

Health Benefits Amla
Heart Problem: Amla reduces bad cholesterol level and we can protect ourselves from heart problem.

Weight: Metabolism increases and weight reduces due to intake of Amla.

Digestion: Amla contains fiber, which is helpful for good digestion. The consumption of Amla cures constipation problem.

Weakness: Amla has high amount of vitamin C, which increases energy and weakness decreases.

Glow: Amla removes toxins from the body and glow of the face increases.

Healthy Hair: It contains antioxidants, which increases shine of the hair. It is also beneficial in hair fall.

Cancer: Amla contains antioxidants which prevents formation of carcinogenic cells and beneficial to protect cancer.

Joint Pain: Amla has anti inflammatory properties, which is beneficial to protect joint pain.

Cataract: Amla has vitamin A, which is beneficial to protect cataract.

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