Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Health Tips Control Weight And Increase Metabolism

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We can keep ourselves fit despite of having much food. We should maintain our metabolism rate.

Health Tips Control Weight And Increase Metabolism

Control Weight
Sunlight: Weight can be controlled by taking 15-20 minutes sunlight in the morning. Sunlight helps to maintain body clock and increase metabolism.

Lukewarm Water: Drink one glass lukewarm water after waking up in the morning. It removes toxins from the body and reduces body fat.

Green Tea: Drink green tea or herbal tea without sugar instead of normal tea. It contains anti oxidants, which increase metabolism.

Bath: Body temperature reduces by taking bath from cold water. Body uses cells to heat itself. Therefore, it helps to reduce the weight.

Protein Breakfast: You should include eggs, milk, beans, oats, paneer, sprouts and cheese in breakfast. It gives more protein and your stomach remains full for long time.

Eat Day: You should eat after 3-4 hours. You can eat sprouts, salad, fruits, roasted chickpeas and yogurt. It increases metabolism and weight reduces.

Meditation: Do meditation for 10 minutes every morning. It reduces stress and weight remains in control.

Walk: Take a walk for 30 minutes every morning. It burns the fat and body function improves. It helps to control the weight.

Stairs: You can went down stairs for 10 minutes. It burns calories and body fat reduces.

Lemonade: Drink one glass lemonade after doing exercise or taking walk. It improves digestion and helps to reduces weight.

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