Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Top Benefits Of Green Gram, Hara Chana

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Green gram has plenty of carbohydrates, protein, moisture, fat, fibers, calcium, iron and vitamins. Green gram is the healthy food of winter. Fry green gram gives more benefits.

Top Benefits Of Green Gram, Hara Chana

Green Gram benefits
Digestion: One cup of green gram has half of the fiber from our daily need. It cleans the digestive tract.

Skin: Green gram has chlorophyll, vitamin A, E, C, K and B complex. It makes skin healthy.

Weight Loss: Stomach remains full for long time due to green gram. It saves us from over eating. It provides help in weight loss.

Anemia: Green gram has high amount of iron. It is helpful in anemia.

Anti-oxidants: Green gram has enough amounts of vitamin, minerals and anti-oxidants. It prevents us from diseases and senility.

Heart Problem: Research has shown that half cup bowl green gram decreases bad cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Blood Sugar: Research has shown that one cup bowl green gram reduces blood sugar level. One should eat it for 1 week.

Weakness: Green gram is the good source of protein, minerals and vitamins. It removes weakness and provides energy.

Cancer: Green gram contains fibers and minerals, which kills bad bacteria of intestine and prevents us from cancer.

Bones: Green gram has vitamin C. The regular consumption of green gram strengthens the bones.

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