Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Top 10 Reasons for Hair Fall Problem

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Many people face hair fall problem. One may become bald if treatment is not taken at right time. The cause is thought to be genetic but it is not the only reason. We do some work or we use such food in our diet which affects our hair.

Top 10 Reasons for Hair Fall Problem

Hair Fall Problem
Junk Food: Body doesn’t get enough nutrients from junk food such as pizza, burger and sandwich. In this case, hair fall occurs.

Stress: Stress increase due to increase cortisol. In this case, hair follicle becomes small and roots of the hair become weak.

Genetic: If parents have hair fall problem then children also suffers with hair fall. In this case, hair fall starts after some age.

Chemical Products: Many chemicals are added in hair color. This will increase hair fall.

Sleep: Stress increases if you don’t take 7 hours regular sleep. Roots of the hair become weak and hair fall occurs.

Hair Styling Machine: The more use of straight machine on hair impact the hair roots. This will lead to hair fall.

Hormonal Challenges: Hormonal challenges occurs during teenage or pregnancy. This change will impact on thyroid gland and hair fall occurs.

Medicine: Pain killers and contraceptive pills give side effects to the body. This will lead to hair fall.

Infection: Bacterial deposited in scalps due to irregular cleanliness of hair. Infection increases in scalp and hair fall occurs.

Smoking: Toxins remove due to smoking. This toxin damages the hair follicle. In this case, hair fall occurs.

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