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High Protein Foods for Vegetarians - Ayurveda Upay

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Usually, fish is considered the best source of protein. But it is not true. Fish is the good source of protein but it is not best. There are some vegetarian foods, which has high amount of protein. 100 gram fish has 22 gram protein while 100 gram peanut contains 24 gram protein.

High Protein Foods for Vegetarians - Ayurveda Upay

High Protein Foods
Rajma: It has high amount of vitamin K, which increase brain power. (100 gram contains 23 gram)

Soybean: It contains calcium and protein, which strengthen the bones. (100 gram contains 39 gram)

Urad Daal: It has high amount of iron, which helps to cure anemia. (100 gram contains 24 gram)

Cheese: It contains vitamin A and B12, which is beneficial for kidney and heart. (100 gram contains 25 gram)

Red Lentil: It has low fat amount. It is beneficial to reduce weight. (100 gram has 25 gram)

Green Gram: It controls cholesterol level. It is beneficial to prevent heart problem. (100 gram has 23 gram)

Peanut: It has antioxidant, which increases beauty. (100 gram has 24 gram)

Horse Gram: It contains fiber, which is beneficial to improve digestion. (100 gram has 25 gram)

Pumpkin Seeds: It controls the blood sugar level. It prevents us from diabetes. (100 gram has 30 gram)

Benefits: It is beneficial to control weight. It is useful to cure injury and wound. Protein reduces blood pressure. It helps to build muscles. It strengthens the bones.

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