Friday, October 7, 2016

Health Benefits Of Having Black Pepper Tea

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Pepper has high amount of iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A and vitamin C. One can get nutrients, which improves body function. Pepper contains antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties helps in small health problems. It has piprin, which give relief from pain.

Health Benefits Of Having Black Pepper Tea

Black Pepper Tea
Weight: Pepper contains phytonutrients breaks the fat cells. Also, metabolism increases due to regular consumption of pepper tea therefore, calorie burn in high amount. It reduces weight.

Cold-Cough: Pepper has piprin, which gives relief in cold-cough. The regular consumption of pepper tea removes cough from the body.

Sore Throat: Pepper has inflammatory property, which removes sore throat and pain. It is beneficial to drink 2-3 cup of tea during a day.

Sinus: Pepper tea removes cough, which is deposited due to sinus, from the nose. It also reduces the risk of infection.

Digestion: Pepper tea creates hydrochloric acid, which helps in digestion. Its anti bacterial properties give relief from constipation, flatulence and gas.

Cancer: Pepper has piprin and antioxidants prevent cancer cell. The intake of pepper tea reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Depression: Black pepper tea has piprin, which improves brain function. It increases brain reasoning and logical ability. It also reduces the risk of depression.

Arthritis: Pepper tea contains anti inflammatory properties, which gives relief from arthritis pain. It improves blood circulation and we can get relief from joint pain.

Nutrients: Pepper has piprin, which helps to absorb vitamin A, C, beta carotene. It improves body function.

Healthy Tooth: Black pepper has inflammatory property removes tooth and gum pain. It also removes bad breath.

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