Friday, October 14, 2016

Foods to Avoid for Bright Brain

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Doctor advised to eat such food, which develop brain. But there are such foods, which harms the brain. Glutamates added into such food like MSG and sugar products. It is used for processed food and browning to meet. Glutamates harm the brain and increase Parkinson’s, attention and deficit disorder. Glutamates damage the body for long time. But many people avoid it.

Foods to Avoid for Bright Brain

Foods to Avoid for Bright Brain
You should eat fewer amounts of sea fish as it has high amount of mercury. Mercury harms the mind. Mercury harms the damage and therefore there would be cognitive impairment. The part of brain, which controls vision, balance and coordination between the organs, is affected. Tile fish, king mackerel, sword fish and shark has the great amount of mercury.

Such foods, which are rich in trans fat, can damage the brain. Trans fat interrupts the transmission of nerve therefore, brain swelling occurs. Bakery items, microwave products, fried food, which include margarine, they damage the brain.

Trans Fat in the transmission of nerve and brain swelling which hinders the problem may be shrinking. Bakery items, including microwave popcorn, margarine and fried foods were used, the brain damage.

Never drink sweet drinks. They do not satisfy our hunger and finally we seem to eat more food because sweet drink affects brain regulation system.

Some discoveries have shown that bread, pasta has high amount of gluten, which affects the brain. Processed food is harmful for heart because it contains trans fat, preservative, artificial components and sugar in high amount. This increases weight and inflammation.

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