Sunday, October 23, 2016

Reasons Why You Should Not Drinking Too Much Water

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Water is the best source to hydrate the body. According to research of The European Food Safety Authority 2010 says that male should drink 2 liter and women should drink 1.6 liter water daily. It means daily 8-10 glasses. But one might face health problems if we drink more water.

Reasons Why You Should Not Drinking Too Much Water

Should Not Drinking Too Much Water
Kidney: Pressure increase due to drinking water in more amounts. It increases the risk of kidney diseases.

Heart: The more drink of water may create heart problem.

Indigestion: Food cannot be digesting properly due to more drink of water. It increases gas, acidity and constipation problem.

Inflammation: The high intake of water may create inflammation in blood cells. In this situation, blood circulation may not occur properly.

Brain: The more intake of water creates inflammation in blood cells. It impacts on the memory power.

Sleep Problem: The more consumption of water create anti-diuretic hormone in brain. This will increase insomnia.

Stomach Irritation: Electrolytes balance imbalance due to high intake of water. This will lead to irritation in stomach.

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