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Amazing Health Benefits Of Kapur (Camphor)

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Camphor is used in worshiping. But in ayurveda, there are several benefits of camphor. Therefore, it is used in medicines. You can also used camphor to get rid of small problems.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Kapur (Camphor)

Health Benefits Kapur
Spots: Mix coconut oil and camphor. Apply it on pimples, cuts and wounds. It is very beneficial to remove these spots.

Health Hair: Mix camphor in coconut oil. Lukewarm it and do massage on your hair. Wash your hair after one hour. It is beneficial in dandruff problem and hair fall.

Glow: Mix camphor powder in raw milk at night. Apply it on your face with cotton. Wash it after 5 minutes. Skin becomes healthy and glow will increase.

Stomach Pain: Boil one glass water and one teaspoon celery. Mix little camphor in it and drink it. It gives instant relief in stomach pain.

Diarrhea: Mix camphor, celery and peppermint in equal amount. Keep it in sun light. Remove it after 6-8 hours. Drink this mixture by putting 4-5 drops. It gives relief.

Pain: Do massage with camphor oil on muscles or joint pain. It gives instant relief.

Itching: Mix camphor in coconut oil and apply it on itching or fungal infection. It is very beneficial in scene diseases.

Burning: Apply camphor or camphor oil on burning. It removes burning and there won’t be infection.

Infection: Do smoke of camphor in the home. It removes bacterial from the home. It is beneficial in infection and diseases.

Ankles: Mix camphor and salt in lukewarm water. Keep your legs in it. Then do scrub and apply moisturizer crème. It is beneficial in cut ankles.

Stress: Mix camphor in olive oil and do massage on your head. It removes stress and headache.

Wound: Camphor has anti biotic properties. Apply camphor water on wounds and you will get relief.

Toothache: Apply camphor water on toothache. It gives immediate relief.

Mouth Ulcer: Apply camphor on mouth ulcers. It gives you relief from pain.

Cold-cough: Mix camphor in sesame or coconut oil. Apply it on chest or head when you get cold-cough. It gives relief.

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